Our Plans

Our pastor, Father Edward Steiner, and a several lay leaders have devised an exciting plan to address our needs of today and into the future.  We all realize the draining effects of debt, the lack of a capital funds for future financial stability and serious facility needs for the Cathedral parish church and rectory. 

Our campaign challenge goal is $5 million.  Our first priority is ridding the parish of the $2 million debt which has hindered our community of faith for years. Additionally, other priorities will include the renovation of the rectory bathrooms, address the cause and undertake permanent repairs to the church wall and ceiling plaster and set aside funds for the establishment of a parish endowment.  Finally, our challenge goal will focus on the replacement of the church pipe organ, replace and rectify the ongoing church sound system glitches and beef up the parish endowment fund.

Retire Parish Debt - $2 Million

This is our number one priority! As a faithful Catholic community, we know we can’t be doing what we are supposed to be doing while we are saddled with debt.  Our plan is to attack the debt and rid the parish of the remaining Handing On The Tradition (HOTT) campaign debt.  The death knell for debt will be the resurrection of ministry and service to our parishioners and our neighborhood.

• The world beyond the Cathedral boundary is hurting. We are in a position to offer healing, compassion, and forgiveness to the homeless and hungry.

• Nashville, the “IT” city, is attracting urban dwellers up and down West End Avenue.  Many are unchurched, but we need to re-imagine urban space and think about evangelizing by offering a place that is worthy of the walk.  Without debt, we can establish pedestrian ministries for urban living and share the richness of the Catholic faith.

• Our unwavering pledge to retire debt presents an opportunity to evangelize all who enter the church grounds through an array of ministries.   Let’s not squander the moment to invest in the local downtown community.  

Repair and Clean Wall and Ceiling Plaster in the Church - $100,000

Before repairs are made to the interior church walls and ceiling, a thorough inspection will be made to the church exterior roof and walls to determine the cause of plaster deterioration.  Once the root cause is determined and repaired, plaster and paint repair to the interior church walls and ceiling will restore a long lasting aura to our beloved Cathedral.

• Vents and walls stained with soot will be thoroughly cleaned, repaired and painted.

Renovate Rectory Bathrooms - $150,000

To improve the living conditions for our parish priests, the bathroom facilities in the rectory will be gutted and completely renovated.

• Bathroom fixtures such as facets, sinks, bathtubs, shower stalls, and water lines will be replaced with high efficient water use equipment.  

• New floor and wall tile will be installed in all rectory bathrooms.

• Wall plumbing will also be upgraded to building code.

• The downstairs visitor restroom will be properly reconfigured to offer privacy.

Establish a Parish Endowment/Capital Fund - $750,000

We as a parish have experienced a lack of resources over the last several years.  Great effort is extended every year to meet the budget and provide for the needs of all parishioners and the greater downtown community.  As good stewards of all God’s gifts, we are committed to a balanced budget and cash reserves for future and unexpected expenses.

• The pastor and finance committee will oversee these funds.  As a restricted fund, the endowment principle will perpetually remain intact.  Only the earnings from endowment will be earmarked for ministry or capital needs like roof repair, HVAC, and the like.  Strict bylaws will govern the fund.

New Pipe Organ - $1 million

Our music ministry at Cathedral is thriving!  We are blessed to have superb musicians and cantors every Sunday and throughout the week.  As the seat of worship for the Diocese of Nashville, special occasions like ordinations and Confirmations add an elevated dimension to our ability to provide sacred music.  

• The existing organ will be removed and replaced with a state-of-the-art pipe organ.

Install a New Sound System in the Church - $200,000

Sound clarity will improve dramatically throughout the church with the installation of a new sound system.

• All speakers, control panels, and microphone system will be replaced with state-of-the-art components.

Parish Endowment/Capital Fund - $800,000

It is our goal in Phase 2 of this campaign to increase the size of the Cathedral parish endowment. Our endowment is an investment in the future of the Cathedral.  Let’s put the Cathedral on solid financial ground for generations to come!