Our Needs

Our mission statement declares “that we proclaim the redeeming grace and love of Christ to each other and to the world.” But while our hearts desire to fulfill this mission, our current facilities hinder us in many ways. Lack of adequate space to meet our burgeoning needs is our most critical problem. A growing religious education program along with active ministries competes for current meeting space. We would also like to offer a hallowed place of eternal rest to the Catholics in our area, but currently lack the facility for that.

The Need for Adequate Education Space

The education of children in our Catholic faith is one of the most important ministries at Holy Redeemer. Our location in a predominantly non-Catholic region of the state compels us to equip our children and high school students with the catechism of the Holy Catholic Church. We are also fortunate to live in a thriving community where growth, especially in our Hispanic ministry, continues to increase. But we lack adequate education space. In 2007, the former education building was demolished because of major structural deterioration. Our parish master plan included an education annex in the expansion project of 1998, however the construction of the new building was cut to meet budget. Through careful scheduling and sacrifices on the part of our members, we have so far been able to meet the demands for our members, but we are running out of options.

  • The Parish Religious Education (PRE) program enrollment has increased every year over the last 5 years. Due to the lack of available classrooms for the past several years, the PRE program has struggled to meet the needs of our school age children grades Pre-K through 12th. This lack of adequate space will only be exacerbated in the coming years because enrollment in the Parish Religious Education program continues to grow at 5% per year. 
  • Moreover, our current parish facility is not equipped with classrooms. In order to accommodate all of the children in our programs, class-meeting times are staggered to accommodate the current enrollment of 160 students.
  • In addition, our parish library, parish hall and choir room are serving as temporary meeting space for the Pre-K through 12th grade religious education programs. These temporary meeting rooms are too small for average class sizes nor are the rooms equipped with appropriate classroom furniture.   
  • Because of our expanding program, we must currently offer two shifts of 5 different grade levels to meet the demand for families seeking religious education for their children.
  • Additionally, with many active ministries in our parish like the Knights of Columbus, St. Agnes Altar Guild, and Catholic Daughters of America, everyone vies for the same limited number of meeting places. This lack of space limits the growth of our religious education program.
  • Finally, the parish recently attracted and retained a full-time Director of Religious Education; however, there is no office space for our new Director nor is there any storage room for the various teaching materials needed for the program.

Need for a Consecrated Catholic Place of Interment

We have also longed for a consecrated Catholic columbarium. Since the Catholic Church approved cremation as a sanctioned form of burial, members of Holy Redeemer have had no local Catholic option for interment of remains.

  • Members have been limited to use of the local city cemetery and mausoleum since our parish was founded in 1923.
  • Additionally, our parish is in possession of cremated remains for several parishioners whose hope was to be interred on the consecrated ground of Holy Redeemer.

As we move into the third millennium, our community needs a hallowed place of interment where the Catholic faithful can be at eternal rest.