Our Plans

To fulfill our needs, we have an exciting plan. Our plans include construction of a Parish Education Center and multi-purpose facility that will be dedicated to the education of adults and children of Holy Redeemer. Our plans also include construction of a columbarium to serve as a final resting place for the deceased faithful as they wait in hope for the coming of our Savior.

Build and Furnish a Parish Education Center

Our new Parish Education Center will be situated on the north side of the present church complex and will complete the master plan started in 1998.

  • With the parish population expected to increase, the new education building includes eight classrooms.
  • All eight classrooms will be wired for internet and audio/visual capability.
  • To manage the Parish Religious Education program, a dedicated place for the Director of Religious Education will provide functional office space.
  • The religious education class meeting schedule will align with the parish calendar of events and other group meeting times.
  • The new education space returns the use of the library, parish hall and choir practice room to their intended uses.

Build a Columbarium on Consecrated Church Ground

Our plans also include the construction of a columbarium on consecrated church ground. Many Holy Redeemer parishioners are life-long members of the church. Significant sacramental events like Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, and marriage fill the parish database. When a faithful member of Holy Redeemer Church departs this earthly life, a permanent place of rest will finally be available for them to rest in peace on sacred ground.

  • The columbarium will be located in the new inner court surrounded by the church complex and new parish education center.
  • For those parishioners who desire cremation, 100 places of interment will be initially constructed. Plans include additional resting places as the need grows.