Our Campaign

To address our needs and plans we are initiating an intensive fundraising effort titled the “GATE OF MERCY, THRONE OF GRACE” campaign.  Our aim with this important effort is to raise the funds required to build a new church.  From 2007-2014, the parish paid off a $4.8 million debt! 

The overall project cost of building the new church is estimated to be $8,000,000. The Diocese requires us to have 50% of the funds on-hand in order to begin construction, so we will need to raise a minimum of $4,000,000 in order to break ground. A generous benefactor has already donated $2,000,000 towards this effort which leaves $2,000,000 yet to be raised.  We therefore have set our Minimum Goal at $2,000,000 for this campaign effort which will allow us to begin construction on our new church. A Challenge Goal of $6,000,000 has also been set which, when combined with the generous gift we have already received, will enable us to build our new church without incurring any debt. A follow-up campaign will begin in the fall of 2018 to pay off any remaining debt on the new church.