Our Needs

Since our founding as a mission church on Palm Sunday 1998, the Catholic faithful of the surrounding area have made St. Mary Magdalene their spiritual community home.  As the years have passed, the need for a permanent place to worship and celebrate the Eucharist for our burgeoning families has become evident. 

Need for a New Church

We are a growing parish!  That is great news, but growth presents a set of circumstances we need to address. The space currently used to celebrate Mass, weddings and funerals is too small for large occasions.  When the present worship space was constructed in 2008, the master plan called for a future permanent home to accommodate anticipated growth. Reasons for a larger, permanent church are numerous.

•    Our current worship space can barely accommodate parishioners.  We cannot seat all the faithful in the worship space.
•    Furthermore, demographic growth supported by statistics, and the advice of developers and realtors, indicates a steady increase in the number of new home construction which will surely increase our parishioner base.
•    Additionally, ours is a diverse parish with many new families arriving from outside the local Tyler community.
Our current church also presents us with many challenges.
•    The location of the confessional used to be a closet.  That space is needed for storage.
•    Our parish sings its heart out at Mass! But our choir is in a cramped corner.
•    Many people complain that they cannot find the Blessed Sacrament chapel.  The current adoration space was intended to be an office. 
•    Our present campus is also disjointed and incomplete.  The courtyard was supposed to be surrounded by buildings and so become the heart of the parish’s activities. 

Need for More Parking

Many of our parish family also find adequate parking a problem. The creek/drainage ditch that runs through the property cuts off access to the church and education building and is a barrier to our campus expansion plans.  The creek must be directed through culverts and filled in to create parking close to the building.