Our Plans

Since the Bishop of Tyler gave the parish its own priest in 2004, the parish has flourished with a luminous Catholic charism, innovative ideas to grow the parish, and a clear articulated vision for the future.   The diocese recognized the strategic importance of St. Mary Magdalene in 2007, by raising it to the canonical status of a parish and by promoting the Rev. Timothy Kelly to rank of pastor.  With the steady leadership of the pastor and growth of the parish, the time has come to implement the next phase of the 2008 master plan and build a permanent place of worship.

Build a New Church

The centerpiece of the campus at St. Mary Magdalene parish is the church!  For Catholics, the celebration of Mass and the sacraments are essential to a vibrant spiritual life.  We have longed to have a beautiful and appropriate worship space.  The time has come to complete the original master plan and build a church.

•    As directed by the Bishop of Tyler, the new church will seat 650 parishioners
•    When we built our present church, the long term plan was for it to become a parish hall to accommodate special occasions like wedding receptions and baptism parties.
•    One of the many benefits of the new church is the expansion of the music ministry.
•    An appropriate area for the Sacrament of Reconciliation will be incorporated into the new church.
•    With the construction of the new church on the south side of the parish property, a beautiful inner courtyard will be formed when joined to the existing structure.
•    A very beautiful and traditional day chapel will ensure easy access to the Blessed Sacrament throughout the day. It will seat 80 and be the location for daily Mass, smaller weddings and baptisms. It will be a beautiful Gothic chapel with original furnishings and a splendid altar which we already have in storage.  Of all the spaces in the new church, the day chapel will take your breath away!

Additional Parking

With parish growth comes the need for adequate parking. 

•    Our plans include adding over 100 new parking spaces to the east side of the parish campus. We have devised a plan for greater numbers if that need arises.
•    An additional 20 handicapped parking spaces will be added close to the new church.

Cover the Creek

Our plans also include the excavation and containment of the creek area so that area will become useable land.

•    The creek will be channeled through a drainage pipe, which will be covered and then leveled.
•    A new driveway and easy access walkway will be paved on top of the covered creek and lead to a new parking area on the east side of the parish complex behind the present classroom building.