Our Needs

The needs of our parish community have not changed in the past few years.  In fact, if anything, they have only intensified.  As we continue to grow, both in numbers of parishioners and ministries, our space crunch becomes even more evident.  If we want our community to continue to grow, we must have a space where we can all gather and worship as one, where we can continue to expand our ministries and invite new people to come and share their talents with us.   

Need for a More Ample and Appropriate Worship Space

Currently, our sanctuary is too small to adequately serve our needs.  Many of our Masses on most weekends are at capacity.  For larger ceremonies, such as holidays, weddings, and funerals, there is standing room only.  As we continue to grow, this space constraint becomes ever more concerning.  With continued expansion expected in this area of town, and as more people are drawn to our vibrant ministries, this problem will only be exacerbated.

With our continually changing needs, we have already reconfigured the church several times in our history.  This has led to poor acoustics and sightlines which can distract from our full participation in the Mass.  Also, these changes along with our space constraints have left us with a worship space that is merely suitable rather than appropriate and reverent.  As a community of God, we desire a place that reminds us of what it means to be and to worship as Catholics.

Our sacristy, too, is insufficient for our needs. Currently, what we have is not of an adequate size to hold all the liturgical vestments let alone allow for the liturgical ministers, altar servers, and priests to prepare physically and spiritually to celebrate the Mass.

Lack of a Large, Centrally Located, Gathering Space

We also lack a large, centrally located gathering space.  While there is a small gathering space behind our main worship area that allows for some congregation, it quickly becomes congested at busy times and does not allow for meaningful conversations.  Also, if we wish to host any hospitality event following Mass or other sacred or special celebrations, we must move down to the parish hall lest we further congest this space, which is little more than an entryway into church.  Our main gathering space is the parish hall, but it too is becoming inadequate to meet the needs of our burgeoning faith community.  Additionally, since the parish hall is not directly connected to our worship space, people many times find it much easier to leave directly after Mass rather than walk to the parish hall thereby missing the opportunity to connect with others and further build the strong parish bonds we desire.

Lack of Familial Gathering Space

Additionally, we do not have a large enough or proper space for families to gather and prepare before weddings or funerals.  While there is a small room, or parlor, that is currently used to meet with bereaved families or is used as a “brides room,” it is not adequate for its intended purposes.  Before many funerals or weddings, the parish hall must be used, and this does not provide the intimacy or privacy that is needed in these situations. 

Parking Constraints

Parking is also a problem.  We are currently being served by 2 small parking lots and, while this works on a day-to-day basis, during busy times for Mass or other large events, the parking lots quickly fill up and people must park along the streets, sometimes a good distance from the church.  This can be problematic during inclement weather.  Additionally, the parking lots have very narrow entrances and exits, which makes it difficult to maneuver into or out of our lot.  As our parish family continues to grow, this problem is only getting worse.  Our Parish also lacks a covered drop-off area.  This can cause issues for parishioners with limited mobility, especially in inclement weather.

Planning for the Future

As our community continues to grow, we must plan for the future.  A few years ago, our church developed a strategic plan to address the growing needs around the parish.  The expansion of the worship and gathering space is Phase I of a multi-phase plan.  The pace at which we are able to move along will be dependent upon the generosity of our parishioners.  However, with our continued growth, a number of things will need to be addressed.

•    The number and size of the classrooms will soon prove inadequate.  Already, some classrooms are completely full and spilling over.

•    The parish hall is also too small to adequately accommodate our larger gatherings and events.

•    Though phase one is designed to address some of our parking concerns, it is little more than a stopgap and we will likely still need to use street parking during busy times.

•    Finally, we have very limited office and storage space.  As we grow, the number of positions required to run our parish will too.  We presently barely have enough space for our small staff. 

All of these needs and more are accounted for in our Parish Strategic Plan.  Our goal is to address these needs in a phased approach, limiting the amount of debt we incur so we can stay on pace to achieve our vision.