Our Plans

Thanks to the generosity of our parishioners, our last campaign was extremely successful.  It has given us seed money to address Phase I of our strategic plan which  includes  constructing a new Worship Space, renovating the existing worship space into a new and more welcoming  Gathering Space for our members and adding new parking and a convenient drop-off area on the west side of our new Welcome and Worship Center.  The total cost of this phase of our master plan is estimated to be in the $3.7 million range. 

Expanding and Enhancing Worship Space

Breaking ground on a new church is critical for us. Our new worship space will seat 550 people and can be expanded to seat 700, which will greatly help with congestion at our regular Masses as well accommodate the extra crowded Masses on Christmas and Easter.  The new space will include many additional areas, making it a true worship space for all occasions. 

•    A chapel, capable of seating 44 will be located behind the altar and can be used for daily Mass or other small services. 

•    Another reconciliation chapel is also included in our plan. 

•    There will also be a larger and more appropriately located sacristy to house the vestments and to allow those involved to prepare for the celebration of Mass. 

•    A dedicated choir space for our music ministry will only serve to enhance what they bring to our Mass on a weekly basis. 

•    Finally, a Baptistery will be prominently placed near the main entrance into our worship space for us to welcome new parishioners into the Catholic Faith and our family. 

A Warm, Spacious Gathering Space

Creating a new church building will free up the space we currently use for Mass to be converted to a large, open, and inviting space to gather before and after Mass as well as other celebrations and events.  This expanded Welcome and Gathering space will greatly enhance our sense of unity and allow us to create and strengthen the bonds that make Church of the Resurrection such a special place to grow and worship.  Hospitality and other events directly following Mass can be held here so that we can easily involve everyone without the need to go downstairs or down the hall.  Finally, being located directly behind the church, it can serve as overflow for larger Masses, funerals, weddings, or other celebrations.

Larger Family Room

A family gathering room will be located just off the main gathering space.  This space could allow larger groups to meet in private before funerals or weddings, without distracting others or being out in the open.  While other spaces will still exist for smaller gatherings, this space will give us a private area for larger groups to prepare for certain celebrations.

Expanded Parking and Covered Drop-Off

We will also be redesigning and expanding our current parking.  Two parking lots will be added, one that will accommodate 38 additional vehicles and the other will accommodate 20 more.  This expansion will help tremendously with traffic flow and remove the need for many to park on side streets.  A covered drop-off is planned as part of the new entrance, making it easy and convenient for members and guests with physical challenges or limited mobility. 

Eyeing the Future

These items are only the first phase of our Parish Strategic Plan.  We have identified four separate phases to address our various needs as the funds either become available or as our growth necessitates them being addressed.  After the conclusion of this campaign and the construction of our new church building, we will assess our situation and chart a course for the remaining phases of our Strategic Plan. 

Phase II will address paying down any debt left from our initial phase as well as the following:

•    Creating an indoor “main street” mall area where our outdoor statue currently sits.  This will include expanded and handicapped accessible restrooms, a religious goods and gift store and an elevator leading to the lower level which will provide a new youth room and expanded storage;

•    Adding a parking lot on the south side of our building that would accommodate 88 cars as well as a canopy or covering at the drop-off area over the west side entrance.

Total cost of this phase is estimated to be $1.8 million.

Phase III will address improving our east parking lot and renovating and addressing the space needs for our classrooms.  We will be converting the current parish hall into additional and larger rooms and constructing a new, larger parish hall.  This phase is estimated to cost $2.6 million

Finally, in Phase IV we will address our office and administrative needs as well as additional parking.  This phase is currently estimated at $1.8 million and would thus complete our strategic plan.