Our Needs

With the growth in new parishioners and ministries, we are running out of space. We especially don’t have sufficient space for three major parish goals of formation, social activity and community outreach.

•    Formation – Our current meeting room and classroom space is inadequate to meet the faith formation needs of our youth and adult community.  We only have two real meeting rooms and three other rooms we have improvised to use as meeting spaces. Consequently, there is often not enough space on given nights.  For example, one group in The Rock program for our K-5 students has to meet in the church lobby. Many of our Adult Education classes can only be given in the summer when rooms are available.

•    Social Activity – We also don’t have a suitable place to hold many of our social functions because we don’t have a parish hall and on-site kitchen. We currently need to rent space at other locations for many of these events.

•    Community Outreach – Many of the ministries have expressed the desire to participate in much needed community outreach programs. Pope Francis has reminded us all of this call, indeed the command, of Christ to help those in need.  But, we can’t fully participate in these programs due to the lack of facilities.

Reducing Our Parish Debt
We also need to reduce our parish debt. To build our current church facility, we had to borrow money from the Diocese. As of today, our loan stands at about $2,600,000, and we need to reduce it by $1,700,000 in the next four years based on our loan agreement with the Diocese.

Support the Diocesan Campaign
Finally, we also need to support the needs of the larger church.  Bishop Soto and the Catholic Foundation have begun a major capital campaign to raise money to fund the implementation of the Diocesan strategic plan. The priorities are Catholic education, formation of laity, youth ministry, vocations, communications, the Sacrament of Charity, and resource development, which are many of our same goals. The Bishop has asked St. Joseph Marello and every parish in the Diocese to take part in this campaign.  Our annual contribution toward this effort is $89,500 for each of the next four years.