Our Needs

As a result of the generous support of our parish community, God has blessed us with a spacious and impressive church home. It is with great appreciation for those who have gone before us and for those who have given sacrificially of their time, talent, prayers, and finances that we now enjoy our new church facilities with ample room for worship. We recently celebrated the burning of our mortgage which was an accomplishment for which we can be truly grateful and proud.

Our work, however, is not over.  Challenges and opportunities still remain.  A short distance from our beautiful new church sits educational facilities that are in poor condition. We have pressing needs that must be addressed to better serve the needs of our growing ministries and the large number of children in the parish needing educational and sacramental preparation.

Inadequate Educational Facility

Our most pressing need is to provide an adequate learning environment for our children.  Our main school building is over sixty years old, and as is the case with older buildings, has an outdated infrastructure. We applaud the wonderful job our teachers continue to do in these outdated facilities, but it is past time for us to address the aged condition of our school. 

•    As a Catholic Parish we are charged with providing an education in our faith to almost 600 children.  Our current facilities do not meet this vital need.  We lack sufficient classrooms to educate those entrusted to us.  And the current classrooms provide a learning environment that is challenging at best. 
•    Because of the age of our current school, it lacks the efficient HVAC and plumbing systems and electrical infrastructure needed for today’s educational settings.  Computers, internet and networking are all things that did not exist when the current structure was built, yet it is necessary for our world today.
•    There is also a need to provide the additional space for our children in CCD who number over 400 in grades pre-kindergarten through eighth grade.  Currently they occupy almost every available space on our campus and classes are filled to overflowing.
•    As a result of our limited classroom space, our CCD (Sunday School) classes are larger than is desirable.
•    We are also hard pressed to find a space for any adult education during this time and have had to use the gym or cafeteria, neither of which provides an appropriate atmosphere for adult education.

Insufficient Multi-Use Space

We also lack a social or multi-use hall where a variety of functions and activities could be held, a place located close to the new church where people could meet after Mass or gather after other church services. 

•    We currently use our PAC gymnasium as our social hall which is quite a distance from the church.  Not only is the location inconvenient, the facility limits how many of us can gather at one time, especially if we want to have a meal. 
•    We are also in need of an attractive space for wedding receptions, Christmas parties, parish picnics and for those times that the parish hosts other social events.  The parish would be well served to have a dedicated space that is not also scheduled for athletic events.
•    The PAC gymnasium can currently seat about 400 at a time for meals and programs. We have a need for a larger multi-use hall that can accommodate our large faith community yet also be divided into differing sizes of meeting rooms to meet our other various needs.
•    As we continue to grow in fellowship, we will have more opportunities to come together as a parish for social events, and we don’t have a facility that will seat us all.  We will want to come together for other programs and educational opportunities as well and we don’t have a facility that will allow that. Even counting the Fellowship Room and the original church, there are evenings where there is no space available for another meeting.
•    We also frequently have a need for a larger meeting space.  Currently our largest meeting room can seat at capacity only about 75 people.
•    Finally, we need additional meeting rooms for adult ministries. The Parish Activity Center (PAC) is well used by all our groups. It houses everything from school plays, girl and cub scouts, to CCW (Council of Catholic Women) and prayer groups, and many times meetings follow one right after the other.

Inadequate Administrative Offices

Our current office building also does not meet the needs of our growing parish and staff.  The current facility was built as a residence for the priests, with an office for each one of them and a receptionist with a small space for the bookkeeper.

We currently have two priests, five full time employees and three part time employees that work in the office. The space did not convert adequately to offices.   

•    Room size and facilities such as restrooms were built to accommodate a residence, not a professional office setting.
•    Our music minister has had to move her office into the music room of the church for lack of space.
•    Our Youth Minister has moved her office into the youth room in the PAC due to the lack of space in our current office building.
•    We have had to build walls to make offices out of what was originally living space in the rectory. 
•    Wires are running everywhere to support computers, phone systems and internet accessibility needed for office functions that were not part of the original rectory. 
Additionally, the current location of the offices is difficult to find, especially for newcomers to the area. It would be helpful for all concerned if the offices moved to a centralized area on the church campus. 

No Covered Drop-Off Areas

We also would like to add drop-off canopies on the south side of the church as well as onto the new school building.  Currently the drop-off  lane does not provide a canopy to keep our elderly or physically challenged members dry during inclement weather.