Our Plans

Our Long-Range, Pastoral Plan has been guiding the development of our vision since 1997. Our process included input from parishioners, soliciting ideas and recommendations at various meetings, and parish surveys.  This plan resulted in the construction and financing of our new church that has been a blessing from God and the generosity of our members.  Now that we have paid off the mortgage of our church, we plan to carry this momentum forward into our future.

In 2012, a survey was conducted in which the following needs were indicated.  In addition to this survey, a feasibility study was then conducted in 2014 confirming our most pressing needs. During the next phase of our master plan, we will be building a new Educational Facility, a Social Hall and new Administrative Offices. These buildings will be connected via adjoining hallways while complimenting the look and feel of our new church building. The last phase of the master plan includes the construction of a new gymnasium which we hope to do in the near future.

New Educational Facility ............ $4 million
Education of the next generation is one of the most vital things we do to ensure the future of our faith.  We would be discounting our duty as parents and as a church if we do not recognize and support the plans for the future of our parish.

•    We plan to build an educational facility that will increase our present classroom capacity and provide the appropriate spaces for multiple educational opportunities. 
•    The new Educational Building will have the infrastructure needed to support current technology and provide for future needs.
•    A new art and music room will further enhance our current programs and provide a more appropriate environment for our faculty and students to thrive.
•    School administration will also enjoy a more ample and appropriate work space. The addition of a new and improved teacher work room will provide ample storage and a functional space for the needs of our faculty and staff.

Flexible Multi-Use Social Hall ......... $2 million
An additional space for social gatherings that can be divided into meeting rooms for everyday use is also being planned and would be invaluable for the parish.  Having it in close proximity to the church and able to be divided into different size spaces would serve everything from small meetings, to receptions, to coffee and doughnuts for everyone after Mass. This would also be available for wedding receptions for our members.

•    Our plans include a Social Hall that can be divided into five or six meeting rooms.  This will allow enough space for our entire parish to come together as one, yet also give us the flexibility to use it for various sized meetings and smaller events.
•    A kitchen is also planned for the Social Hall which will allow us to provide food for various meetings and events.
•    Sacred Heart School’s cafeteria will also be located in the Social Hall. The location of the cafeteria will also benefit the parish in the event that more space is needed for social functions. We will have the option to combine the multi-use space and cafeteria to create a large multi-use space for our larger events.

New Administrative Wing ....... $1million
The new administrative offices will be located close to the church.  The building will be designed to accommodate today’s technology and provide the necessary access so important in office settings. 

•    Within our offices will be a more spacious and welcoming reception area, suitable space for conferences and private meetings, suitably sized offices for parish staff, an ample and appropriately appointed workroom and a safe and secure area for storage of parish files and records.

Addition of Drop-Off Canopies

We also plan to build a canopy over the drop-off lane at the south entrance of the church as well as one at the main entrance of the school.  This will provide a safe and secure spot for drop-off while keeping everyone safe from the elements on a rainy or wintry day.