Our Needs

Immaculate Conception Church

Immaculate Conception Parish is a community abounding in experiences for fellowship and faith, formation and service, Catholic worship and ongoing education. As our Catholic community continues to grow, it is our responsibility to develop plans to address our needs both short term and long term.
While many needs are apparent, some are more critical than others, thus the necessity of prioritizing these between the two campuses. With a positive and cooperative spirit among current parents, students, faculty, alumni and parishioners, this promises to be a successful campaign.

•    The heart of the Immaculate Conception community, our church must continue to serve a wide range of parish needs. Its beautiful interior must be preserved through roof repairs, which we have contracted to begin this spring.

•    The classic charm of our Parish Center makes it an inviting and welcoming space for our community, but the aging structure is also in need of investment. New roofing is required in two sections, and the mansard roof shingles must be replaced.  Repairing the eaves and gutters are necessary to protect the building’s foundation.

•    A fresh coat of exterior paint will prevent further damage and decay and demonstrate to all passing by the loving care we commit to this important parish facility.

Immaculate Conception School

Immaculate Conception School has continued to advance curriculum to highly competitive standards, and is now implementing an accelerated language arts and mathematics program for qualifying students.

The school has begun a technology initiative to put a Chromebook in the hands of every upper school student, creating a learning environment that is consistent with advances in technology and facilitates resource sharing, critical thinking, innovation, creativity, collaboration, and mobile learning. Through this technology students engage actively in the learning process for the purpose of developing a love for learning and discovery of knowledge beyond the classroom walls. In addition, by September 2015 a state-of-the-art and rigorous Houghton Mifflin Harcourt reading series for kindergarten through grade 8 students will be implemented. 

•    The school Cafeteria today meets the needs of the students, but would benefit from upgrading to create a more inviting space for children. The space can more adequately serve the larger community by upgrades which would provide improved access.

•    The Cafeteria needs new restrooms to support the growing number of activities there.

•    The Art Room should be renovated to encourage our students’ creativity.   

•    We would like to continue to grow our school endowment so that we can offer tuition assistance to families who are committed to Catholic education and willing to make the necessary sacrifices.

Immaculata High School         

Long under the stewardship of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Immaculata High School embarked on a path of renewal in 2014 with the appointment of its first-ever lay principal – an alumna – and the development of a visionary strategic plan for the future. Resulting changes in governance, structure and curriculum development will ensure that academic offerings meet the needs of our students today and in the future. Technology upgrades – putting computers in the hands of every student – expand the learning environment beyond the school’s walls.

As part of the discernment of that path forward, administrators, faculty and lay leadership identified the pillars that distinguish Immaculata High School from any other high school in the area and form the foundation of the Immaculata experience: Faith, Scholarship, Service and Friendship. While academics and extracurricular activities are important in the formation of today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders – areas where Immaculata competes confidently with other area schools – it is the school’s Catholic identity and mission which empower it uniquely to address the spiritual dimension so vital to our students.

While opportunities are many, critical needs must be addressed immediately. The most significant among them is the upgrade of the Theater, which has served as the hub of an award-winning program for generations of Spartans and their families. It is one of the important ways Immaculata has reached into the communities and given back, both through performances and theater camps.

The Theater has been the setting where people have been entertained and students’ achievements have been recognized, creating lifelong memories.  In fact, each year, one in four students performs in musical productions in this Theater gaining self-confidence and poise in addition to love of the Arts.  The Theater is in need of renovations in order to continue the tradition of theatrical excellence.
Planned improvements for the Theater include:

•    Air conditioning and improved seating capacity.

•    Improved acoustics and updated audio and visual equipment. 

•    Upgraded Theater lighting. 

While performances represent the primary use of the Theater, this space is also utilized for National Honor Society inductions, summer music camps, and various school functions. Due to the antiquity of the Theater, the space diminishes the overall appearance and celebrative atmosphere of these memorable events.

In addition to the Theater, other areas of the school also need updates, including cafeteria flooring and storage space, the library roof, restrooms, and classroom furniture. Finally, a successful Capital Campaign will enable Immaculata High School to grow in the future, providing academic and financial scholarships and developing outreach programs into the geographically widespread parishes and communities our students serve.