Our Plans

The leadership of the church and schools has formulated a plan to address the pressing and immediate needs of each of the facilities in order to ensure its service to the community for future generations.

Improve and Renew Church Buildings

• The church roof will be replaced to protect the pews and organ and interior of our beautiful worship space and contiguous meeting rooms.

• Two sections of the Parish Center roof will also be replaced in addition to the replacement of eaves and gutters. 
• The mansard roof on the Parish Center will be replaced and exterior paint will preserve the wood and protect this beautiful historic building from damage for future generations to enjoy.

Improve and Renew Immaculate Conception School

• Install ramps to the Cafeteria to enable better access.

• Add restrooms to the Cafeteria for functionality and convenience.

• Renovate and sound proof the existing Art Room by constructing permanent walls with ample shelving.       

Improve and Renew Immaculata High School

Extensive renovations to our infrastructure will result in the student body, faculty, staff, parents, parishioners, and alumni enjoying a more functional, updated space for many years to come.

• The addition of air conditioning in the Theatre will provide a more suitable and comfortable environment.

• Building a pit in front of the stage, will provide adequate seating for performances.  Replacing the 53 year old wooden seats will provide a more comfortable, enjoyable experience for the audience.

• Replacing the tile flooring with more appropriate flooring will aid in producing the improved sound in the Theater.  In addition, technology updates will allow access to wireless microphones for performers.

• New lighting will enhance performances.

• New flooring and storage space in the Cafeteria will provide a more welcoming, atmosphere for the student body.  Updated serving lines will enhance the dining experience.    

•  A new roof on the Library section of the main building will protect the interior building from any further damage.  The Gym roof also needs to be replaced to protect our beautiful new floor and bleachers.

• New classroom furniture will make for a more comfortable and suitable learning
environment for students.

• Finally, renovation of the restrooms will complement the remodeling project.