Our Campaign

To address our needs and plans we are initiating an intensive fundraising effort titled the “Building on the Promise Land” campaign.  Our aim with this important effort is to raise the funds required to build a new Multi-Use Building to meet our various needs.  The total cost for addressing these needs is estimated to be $7 million.

Our fundraising feasibility study said we could realistically raise $1.3 million in our campaign.  We need and hope to do far better than this, however.  That’s why we’ve decided to set a minimum goal of $3 million for our campaign.  This will enable us to break ground on our planned new facility immediately.  But realizing this high level of support will require all of us to stretch a bit and give sacrificially.

 Our minimum goal is $3,000,000 over 5 years, which will enable us to break ground in early 2014.  A challenge goal of $7,000,000 has also been set which, if met, will enable us to avoid the need for an extended construction loan.