Our Needs

The Catholic Church of the Nativity faith community needs a permanent worship, education, and gathering space.  Since our founding, a leased building has functioned as the spiritual and educational center of the parish community.  While it has served our needs, we need a more permanent home, a place worthy of being called the House of God.  With our faith family steadily increasing, we are rapidly running out of space at our current location.  For the past two years we have rented additional space from our neighbor, Academy School, to conduct our Faith Formation meetings.  Worship services are crowded, faith formation classes are filled to overflowing, and social gatherings are limited due to the lack of adequate space. 

This lack of space will only increase over the coming years.  Demographic projections show that the population of Spring Hill and the surrounding vicinity is expected to increase 25% by the year 2020.  Over 9,000 new home building permits are on the books in the City of Spring Hill right now for single family dwellings.  The Church of the Nativity is already seeing a corresponding increase in its parish population.  We are adding new families every year, with a majority of our members consisting of young families with school aged children.  Parish growth is expected to reach 800 families over the next five years.

Now is the time to address our needs and plan for the future of our growing Catholic community here in Spring Hill.  Since the City of Spring Hill expects to change zoning laws in the near future which will increase the cost of construction, the time to act is now. 

Need for an Appropriate, Adequate and Permanent Worship Space

Our current leased space in which we created a sanctuary, reconciliation room, sacristy, parish offices and classrooms was never meant to be a permanent home.  Reasons to build a new home now are numerous.

•    The parish pays $180,000 annually for lease payments for the present church facility. This money could be better used to build a permanent and appropriate new facility.

•    Our present worship space is limited to seat 340 participants, which is inadequate now and will certainly be in the future as our parish and local community continues to grow.   

•    Our current temporary worship space has served us well for the beginning years of the parish.  While the present church was founded at a temporary location, the space lacks the feeling of permanence.  Most parishioners are more accustomed to a place of worship that offers a presence associated with our Catholic rituals and traditions.

•    Yet our desire for a new worship space is not solely defined by our growing population.  It is also defined by our desire to have an appropriate space of our own, worthy of being called the House of God that is reflective of our community and our communal rituals and practices – a place that reminds people of what it means to be and worship as Catholics.

Need for an Adequate Gathering and Social Space

Our rapid growth has also shown that we need a larger, welcoming gathering and social space, a place where our members could gather together to greet and get to know one another better before and after Mass or for other special and sacred celebrations held in our church.

•    At the present time, we have limited amount of space where people can gather before or after Mass or for socialization or special events.  As we grow, it will become increasingly important to provide additional space for our members to greet one another, socialize and meet.

•    We also lack an adequate space where information can be posted, where church literature can be disseminated, or where parishioners can get information about various parish services, ministries and events.

•    We also lack a social hall where parish social gatherings or events such as wedding receptions or dinners could be held.  Currently, we have no adequate space large enough to accommodate such activities.

•    We have no full-service kitchen where meals could be prepared for social events.

•    We also need to be able to accommodate meetings of important groups like the Ladies’ Guild, the Men’s Club, Fraternus, the Choir, Vacation Bible School, as well as potential groups like Boy and Girl Scouts, Knights of Columbus and other parish ministries so that they and we can continue to grow and flourish.

Need for Adequate Education and Meeting Space

With our ever increasing parish population we are also in need of adequate space to educate our children in our Faith Formation classes. In the spring of 2013 alone, the parish welcomed 36 First Communicants and 35 Confirmation candidates.  This trend will continue into the future.

•    Education and formation classroom and meeting space is currently limited to 7 small rooms.  Our classes are bursting at the seams and we are finding it increasingly difficult to accommodate all the children wanting to be in our Faith Formation classes.

•    Meeting times and dates are staggered at the present time to accommodate the increasing number of Faith Formation participants.  This means that parents may need to make several trips at different times to drop off or pick up their children from classes.

•    Likewise, it is very difficult to conduct Adult Religious Classes because of our limited space and times available to use the space.  This forces us to meet in other, less appropriate places. The lack of space limits our ability for nurturing faith and fostering faith in the lives of all our parishioners.

Need for Adequate Parish Office Space and Staffing

The parish population growth and the administrative needs of a thriving faith community continue to increase.  All administrative tasks are managed by dedicated volunteers with the exception of a diocesan bookkeeper who comes to the parish one day a week to manage various administrative tasks like accounts payable and accounting of the weekly offering.

•    Most parish ministry positions are staffed by devoted volunteers which is a healthy sign of an active community of faith.  At the present time, parish administrative duties are managed by a diocesan employee one day per week.   As the parish grows, we must recognize the need in the future to consider a paid staff member to efficiently administer the resources of the parish.

•    In the start-up phase of the parish, our current administrative office space was adequate. Since the parish opened, our total number of families has steadily increased.  With parish growth expected to continue, the need for permanent office space is vital. 

•    Our parish lacks a designated conference room space to hold important and ongoing meetings without encroaching on other spaces like religious education classrooms.  

•    In the start-up phase of the parish, the pastor’s temporary current office has served the basic need.  Current and expected parish growth, along with the small scale of the present pastor office, creates space limits for meetings and typical office functions like a computer and printer.