Our Plans

To address our needs we have an exciting plan.  In September, 2012, twenty-five acres of land on Buckner Lane was purchased to establish a permanent location for our church and provide for future growth.   Our initial plan is to build a multi-purpose facility of approximately 26,000 square feet on this property that will enable the parish to offer traditional elements of a full service Catholic community, a place where we can worship, socialize, and educate people in our faith.

New Worship Space

At the heart of the Catholic faith is the celebration of Holy Mass.  Through careful planning with our architect, the sanctuary and worship space will provide a more intimate and appropriate worship experience.   

•    A sacred space dedicated to Mass, the Blessed Sacrament, and Eucharistic Adoration is the top priority of the new facility.  The sanctuary and worship space will be designed to seat 500 worshippers.  Christmas, Easter, Days of Recollection, large weddings, funerals, and special events can be comfortably accommodated.   

•    We will have all that a Catholic Church needs - a reconciliation room, a sacristy, baptismal font, and improved storage space will bring the Catholic faith tradition to the new structure.

•    In addition, a state-of-the-art sound and lighting system and a green energy network will enhance the worship experience.

•    A floor to ceiling, wall-to-wall glass partition will divide the worship and gathering place, which will be wired for sound and will enable us to accommodate larger overflow crowds at Mass and will also serve as an ideal place where parents can take their occasionally disruptive children and still see, hear, participate in and enjoy the sacred celebration of Mass.  

New Gathering and Social Space

Within this new multi-purpose space, we will also have an adequate and well-appointed gathering and social space, an ideal place to host wedding receptions, funeral luncheons, and provide seating to enjoy donuts at the quarterly Donut Sunday Meet and Greet event. 

•    The new facility will include a full service kitchen which will allow the parish to host various events including wedding receptions that would need access to a food preparation area.

•    It will also be large enough to comfortably seat people for various events. 

•    ADA compliant restrooms will also be provided.

New Education and Meeting Space

Our new facility will provide adequate education and meeting space for our growing community.  Simultaneous use of meeting space will open a range of education and parish ministry choices.

•    Adequate space for Faith Formation classes and meeting rooms for adult and youth programs is most important.  Five adaptable classrooms and/or meeting rooms will allow simultaneous use of space by youth and adult Faith Formation groups.

•    Classrooms will be constructed to meet elementary school standards.

•    Additionally, our facility will be constructed in a manner so that larger areas can partition into smaller classrooms and meeting rooms allowing for maximum usage of available space.  Faith formation classes will accommodate Pre-K through 8th grade.

•    A dedicated music room will serve the exceptional music ministry and facilitate growth.    

•    A dedicated nursery will support families with young children.       

•    Our parish has numerous ministries that will continue to grow.  To be able to accommodate all church members, an elevator will be installed providing access to classroom and meeting rooms.

New Parish Office Space for the Pastor and Parish Staff

And finally, the new administrative office suite will provide ample room and functionality for the pastor, volunteers and a future permanent staff member to manage the affairs of the parish in a pastoral and responsive manner.

•    An appropriate office will provide a suitable place for the pastor to conduct spiritual counseling, hear private confession or deal with sensitive parish needs.

•    A new office space for administrative staff is situated at the entrance of the new building.   A fully functional office will be arranged to accommodate volunteer and future paid staff.

•    We plan to construct conference room space to provide a useful place for the pastor, parish council, and various other meetings to conduct parish business.

•    As the parish continues to grow and prosper at the new church, the plan is to employ a paid staff member sometime in the future to compliment the vibrant volunteer corps.